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If someone labeled themselves that way I would think that was I've never heard an adult use that term in a serious manner. Also even in high school that term had some 'holier than thou' connotations which I don't really like. I have no problem with someone who is doesn't drink and does no drugs, as I myself don't drink and don't do drugs. People used it in high school because assholes would try to pressure them into doing something they didn't want to.

Nowadays I feel like "Do you want a drink" is a pretty easy "no thanks. This is strange to me. I never knew there were these other connotations to it, but it does seem a bit inconvenient to not have a single word you can use without making yourself seem like an asshole. I think that "Straightedge" implies a moral choice, rather than an allergy or a preference, and that will always come off as sanctimonious.

I guess as an example I don't think that other people are immoral, bad, or weak-willed people for eating carbs. I don't sit there silently judging them for their cereal, but I know that there is a diet culture out there, such that if I say "no thank you, I'm Paleo," I'm going to make the other person feel self conscious about the food that they're eating, and like I'm judging them.

I just say no thanks with no reason, or phrase it more like an allergy than a diet, to save the feelings of my friends. Somebody who identifies as "Straight edge" rather than just saying no thanks to offers of drugs without elaborating, is openly saying "I'm morally opposed to drinking" without the socially appropriate "but I'm not judging you for drinking. I don't think anybody will assume you're judging them if you say you're on a low carb diet Well, you'd be wrong. Literally every time that I have ever said "No thank you, I don't really eat carbs", the person offering me food has said something along the lines of "Normally I wouldn't be eating carbs either, but reason reason reason.

When you say you're on a diet in any way that doesn't sound temporary, you usually make the person you're talking to feel guilty about the food they eat, especially since they just offered you something "unhealthy".

I disagree with you somewhat. Whenever I've been with someone and they so "No thanks, I'm a vegan" I've never instantly thought they must be judging me.

Sometimes their tone relays that, but to me it's just letting me know something about them, and what other things I shouldn't bother offering them. I can see how that could come off as strange if there was no reason to say that--like if you were an employee handing out samples for your restaurant and got that response--but not if it's someone you're having a conversation with or getting to know.

I don't enjoy it, and negative associations on top of that made me decide to just avoid it. I don't judge them anymore than someone who, say, prefers dark chocolate which I hate over milk chocolate. In any case, I never used the term straight-edge to describe myself anyway and preferred to just decline offers to avoid seeming like a stickler, but I'll be especially careful to avoid the term in the future.

I never thought it strange or rude when someone declined a food by mentioning that they were on a particular diet.

If I was an employee offering samples I'd find it strange, but I don't mind it if someone I'm becoming acquainted with says it. Similarly, I don't like the idea that you can only refuse if you have a health- or moral-based reasoning.

I learned that I was happier and less stressed when I chose not to. I don't have a moral opposition to it, it's just not for me. Does straight-edge have the specific implication that there's a moral reasoning behind it, or do you think people just assume you're morally against it if you don't have a health-based reason for refusing?

Anyway, I didn't use the term much anyway which I'm now glad I didn't , and I definitely won't now. Thanks for the perspective.

Thanks for the information. Oops, I thought straight edge could also be used as a general term for someone who abtains from that stuff. No scene, no movement, no preachiness, just a quick way of saying you don't do a bunch of things. People have understood what I meant and I've never been remotely sanctimonious how could I be, when I was the worst addict I knew! But I'm in Europe so maybe it's different in the US. I'll make sure not to use that term in the US I'm in Europe too, and that's also the way I've heard the term used.

I didn't even know there was a movement associated with it. It's basically just short for "I don't drink alcohol or do any drugs". Lots of them are vegetarian or vegan too. A friend of mine is in a heavy metal band and he and some of his band mates fall into that category, but there is no preachiness or movement involved, they just found a life style that works for them.

Something about me drinking or getting a drink Me: Oh nah, I don't actually drink. Give them my reasons P: That's ridiculous, you're limiting yourself. Let's go to the bar, I'll show you a good time. No that's okay, I'd rather not. You're being a dud. Do you actually have friends? And it goes on like this for another minutes. Now where do I come off like a sanctimonious asshole? What you've done is similar to if I classified everyone who drinks as belligerent assholes because of these people.

You're thinking hard edge, don't put me in with those anti caffeine militant asswipes. I'm se, and I just got making vodka cherries blueberries strawberries and raspberries for the 4th of July tomorrow. I mean, I don't drink or do drugs so I guess I am "straight edge," but I don't call myself that because it seems weird to me to make something like that a part of your identity. I mean, I don't play basketball or knit, but I'm not part of a subculture that revolves around not doing those things.

But, for the record, I also think it's obnoxious when people make the fact that they are into drugs part of their identity. Smoke a little weed on occasion? I guess tl;dr, I would have no problem with dating a "straight edge" person in theory i. I often feel the need to identify as sxe because as a college student lots of people take it personally when I don't want to drink and "I don't feel like it" or "I'm driving" doesn't work for them. Had I been single that's certainly not what would have prevented me from dating them.

So I guess I don't fundamentally have a problem with it, but I've never heard anyone identify themselves as "straight edge". Does that mean anything besides sobriety?

If sobriety is all it refers to, why would you identify yourself that way? I would date someone who did not drink or do drugs. I would even date someone who didn't have sex.


gay dating hotlines Straight Edge Dating Sites dating maturefreeandsingle login top teenage dating apps. Someone straight edge dating site Context that site straight they’re different, and how to avoid. Example, and site straight for the model year when the oil was . Are there any Straight Edge dating websites or apps for people looking to date, relationships etc. I want to find a man, who DOES NOT drink, smoke, or do drugs, at all. Not even once in a while or once a year.

Gustman Someone straight edge dating site Context that site straight they’re different, and how to avoid. Example, and site straight for the model year when the oil was . Jan 18,  · Straight Edge Posted: 1/18/ PM: curvie, never look back and think you missed out on anything. What you did miss out on is barfing from too much alcohol, waking up next to a naked guy you have no idea who he is, or worse yet, waking up in jail because you killed someone while drinking.