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Is that the saying? Just don't tell hubby. Hi Sandra there is no doubt in my mind that you would pass muster with ease and we will keep this private, only you and I will know. I am my own person and with rules laid out for having to make the man in my life's ego safe, I would surely balk. Of course, I'm single, and really have no desire to change that ;- When I sold cars, there were many times a really "hot babe" would show up on the lot, and the front door became a feeding ground for testosterone.

I can recall one time in particular: This meant that most everyone was inside hugging the phone lines, glancing out the window as they worked. Early in the afternoon, this cherry red sports car pulled up on the lot. It was an attention getter to be sure.

Before the door lifted from the ground to the sky in slow motion, all eyes were on the "up" that pulled in. Then the legs that's all you could see swung out from under tips for dating a firefighter door, long legs with 6" strappy heels as red as the car they were in. It took all of 20 seconds for EVERY salesman in the place to be scooted as close as they could be to the front door.

They were fighting over who would get this "up" first, and keeping each other from getting out the door A smart man would have gone around to the side door while they stood there fighting over her. Just before the biggest of them stepped out the front door, our used car manager came over with his sophisticated charm, perfectly groomed hair, and alligator cowboy boots and said "Go back to your cubicles men, this one is funny dating headlines. We didn't see our manager for another 4 hours.

No car was sold, and all of the men were useless as sales reps for the rest of the day. I remember the drill, and the lack of thrill at the kind of mentality that drooled so easily. Thanks Rain, silly men indeed, tips for dating a firefighter, I've never understood the firefighter thing anyway and why women want one if the first place. I'm just trying give hints for those silly women that want to give it a try, it rarely ends happily. I have to agree with firemans comment.

I dont understand why myself but then again i am a very tough woman and even tougher medic to impress. I loved this post, I think you should role it out to more women who wants to date anyone who works in stressful environments: My crush dating site keep this list in mind if I ever have a therapy client who is married to or wants to date a fireman. Keep the tips coming! My younger cousin wants to date a fireman I need to send her to your post!!

Loved it BTW and glad I'm out of the dating scene! Well firefighters are pretty dumb according to this post. Many, many powerful men are stressed at work on a daily basis and can have meaningful, intellectual conversations. Dated a firefighter for 4 years and boy what a waste of time! I could have cared less about his job as I have dated military men and they have much more interesting stories! You bdsm dating canada see them acting like dickheads!

Well Anonymous some might say the ability to understand humor is a measure of intelligence, but I won't say it. I have been dating a firefighter for 2 years. All of the tips seem to hold true in my situation. Did i seek a firefighter? I was divorced with a son and he just popped into my life.

Through these last 2 years i discovered the world of firefighters during and after work. It can be challenging for them as well as the people who are close to them.

I am a strong minded hard working women who enjoys the relaxed easiness when i am with my firefighter friend. Like him my job is tiring and i just want to chill when i am not working. To add, the fact that the boys are always first, makes me laugh! I respect it but, it definitely can produce many silly jokes with the girls! Thanks Anonymous, good luck with him, I bet you have also found your fireman to be very good with your child, we do that too. The times he was around my son and i was nice.

He is simple and easy to understand. Everything he does is more important than what he says. I often think women who want or are dating someone in the fire department need to understand that his actions are so tips for dating a firefighter and he will take his time. Fire fighters are trained to be calm under stressful events. This english dating show into the personal lives which is best dating pages on facebook for women who always want to plan, request,and fix things.

I am patient when it comes to my fire fighter being around my son. We all need to be cautious, caring, and patient! Yet, i am a tuff little cookie who will speak up when it is time. For example, the boys need to appreciate the women who are in there lives and the patients they have by looking through the woman's eyes sometimes.

For me this is done by telling him exactly what i need in a calm and sweet way face to face! Then, i end it with a soft touch and kiss! I hope this helps someone. Thanks Anonymous I have no doubt this will be helpful.

You sound like you have a good understand of the FF mind. Yeah I do agree with you that if you want change someone let them do it and not just pushing them at an early rate. Proven and tested by me, my boyfriend will always force me to change my childish acts right away and you know what it took 2 years before I realize that I should really change.

So, back to the topic, well each of us will encounter the feeling of being pressured and stressed specially if we have works and big obligations to do. It's really up to the woman to understand the situation of a fireman. Understanding both side will lead to a harmonious relationship. Good to go dating, Thank you so much for the tips.

I'm dating with a firefighter right now, most of the time with talk by online dating overseas phone bcz he is on duty, he is so peaceful, I really enjoy our conversation. He is respectful bcz we don't have enough time to talk, I miss him alot. And you never will. Both of my divorces were a result of the time apart. You have to be very strong to be with a fireman, it is not easy.

We become numb to the real world and the real world away from work is not very exciting sad but true. You have a tough road with a fireman. He not only has one full time job, but other jobs that basically make him work constantly. Is it crazy of me to think that someday he might work less and actually make our relationship his first priority?

Let me add some more detail here: While dating, seeing him only a couple times a week I suppose is fine. But I can't help but look 5 years from now and see a life where my husband hardly ever home. I love that hes great at his job and I love that I always feel safe around him. But he doesnt seem to make me FEEL like his priority. Work always comes first.

When scheduling at one of the stations he works for, he even signed up to work on my birthday, completely forgetting about it. Right now I am just wondering if things will ever change I know what you are probably thinking, the post says you can't change someone, especially a fireman.

I like everything about him, but his schedule is awful and I just don't feel like a priority. Dear Anonymous, I don't know his age or financial situation. Is he working to get out of debt? Is he working to get a nest egg? Or like I used to be, addicted to the excitement? I used to work for the local ambulance service on my days off and take trades for my buddies all the time, the money was good but the calls the experience and "doing" of it was so addictive.

I was learning new skills and seeing more shit and every bit of it lead to me becoming a very good paramedic and very well respected peer.

But I also used it to avoid life, to have an excuse for not participating in the boring mundane existence of ordinary people. I know that sounds rude and it is. It takes some years to be able to blend these two very different worlds together and find balance.

I was a man whore for many years, just picking up one nighters with an occasional short relationship. Then those became meaningless and I felt like I needed to settle down.

That would work for awhile and then the reality of it after a few years would show up, so back to being a man whore again. The best advise I can give you is to step back and see what is driving you stay in this relationship? Is being with him exciting and does it give you social standing with your girlfriends?

Because if you aren't cut out for spending a lot of time by yourself then this will never work. Like I said before both of wives became lonely and then found other men.


Over the years married and single I had many women friends that wanted me to introduce them to firefighter friends, they wanted to date a fireman. There were no shortages of eligible firefighters that I knew and they came in all shapes and sizes, old and young, nice and not so nice.

I did introduce quite a few friends and arrange things like double dates when married and wingman dates when single. Some of these meetings were very successful and lead to long term dating, others not so much.

So what did the failures have in common? I must post a warning here before I begin. Know what you are getting into dating a firefighter. Their boys, the men they hang with have a huge impact on their lives and you will at first be dating him and his boys. We do want each other to find happiness and find a woman.

But that woman has to fit the group, nothing worse than a nightmare girlfriend to create havoc in the team, and if you piss off his friends he will be put in a position at some point of picking you or them, and if you do that it will end poorly. If it is going to work out they will adjust on their own, but pushing early is a deal breaker.

Keep conversations light, avoid serious topics or overly intellectual subjects. The easiest conversation is to have him talk about himself. Why is he a firefighter? What is the best part about the job? Has he ever been scared at a big call? Get to know the man, he wants to be accepted as the man doing the job, not as a character in a movie. This can happen in two ways, the best thing you can hope for is an invitation to visit the station. You might even suggest it in a non-stalker way.

Tell him you would love to see where he works, or ask if you might bring some cookies by the station. It will be after normal duty hours generally after the evening meal, when we have some down time.

Understand the testosterone laden environment you will be entering, you will rightly or wrongly be evaluated on your attractiveness. Nothing like making the night for a bunch of hardworking men by having some pretty women stop by the house, remember there could be more single guys there.

But ask first, if he agrees, bring it on. If he is hesitant or unsure drop it and go by yourself. The other introduction to his guys will be the meeting out on the town. We have our favorite watering holes and stomping grounds, once again be prepared for what is to come.

For the most part firefighters are still gentlemen and will treat a lady with respect. But we also need a woman that has some back bone that can give it back, this is not a good environment for wall flowers. You will be tested by his alternates, this will be a feeling out to see how you handle yourself, it also gives him a chance to step in and rescue you.

You passed that test. Getting drunk will lead to merciless harassment for him the next time he is on duty. You will be ridiculed and he will be embarrassed. So have a good time but stay in control. So I thought I could fit more tips into one post but as always I am long winded in an effort to be through. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Dating Tips. Dating Issues. Relationships. First Dates. Being Single. Online Tips. Picks+Perks. Blog; 15 Reasons to Date a Firefighter. By eHarmony Staff. Apr 16,  · Top ten tips on how to date a Firefighter. few months of dating a firefighter that with your help and few in dating tips, firefighter. Recently started dating a full time firefighter (23M) and wondering if people could give me some tips. Being a firefighter is a tough job and I.

Atcheson There are just certain things you are going to want to know before dating a fireman. In my experience, I had to learn along the way. But at the end of all the calls, constantly smelling his gear in the car and sometimes even cancelled plans, I sure do love my firefighter! Dating Tips. Dating Issues. Relationships. First Dates. Being Single. Online Tips. Picks+Perks. Blog; 15 Reasons to Date a Firefighter. By eHarmony Staff.