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Did you know that your version of Internet Explorer is out of date? To get the best possible experience using our website we recommend downloading one of the browsers below. Internet Explorer 10FirefoxChromeor Safari. But one often overlooked factor that is a total make or break for me is if a person is a vegan. Before I had the hard task of letting this one get away, he went vegan. We now happily share a vegan household, and spend our weekends driving anywhere a vegan option needs sampling.

But asking someone to lose the fedora is not quite as easy as asking someone to go against societal norms. I harken back to other areas of ethical living. In the same way we drill each other with twenty questions at the sign of a spark, we ought to pose those same questions back to ourselves. Would you be comfortable dating a sexist, who when outside of your company frequently tells sexist jokes to friends? Altering our catfish dating definition to seem more desirable to someone is one of the greatest misconceptions of dating.

But when does all the charitable, compassionate, and philanthropic endeavours of someone trump their choice to participate in the unnecessary use of animals? More than dating someone who enjoys the same music, has the same attitudes towards marriage, or practices the same religion, dating a non vegan, there exists a hard line of whether or not their ethics are in line with yours.

I find myself trying to be gay girls dating sites and adaptable in work, social, and family settings already.

I could no more easily help someone cook a meat dish, than I could split finances to purchase one. Local vegan meetups and festivals are also great ways to get yourself out there.

And if you manage to sink your teeth in to someone a bit ambivalent to the whole thing, decide if having them sit through all the documentaries, meals, and conversations is going to be worth it.

Lasting love is so much more than hobbies and good looks. This would clear up any issues early on:. I just got banned from that other site. Bummer about getting banned. The best matches are vegans it seems. When me and my ex boyfriend broke up, my requirement for my next boyfriend was that he had to be a vegan. Then I fell for my next door neighbor who eats dating apps like tinder without facebook. Everything else that has to do with animals we are on the same side — hate the circus and rodeo, rescue dogs, hate animal fighting and hunting, etc.

Our time together meant he got to know all about veganism — he was genuinely curious, and I never pushed him to change. One day 8 months into the relationship he turned vegan just like that. And has been ever since coming up to 7 years together. But of course if they refuse to budge, let them go for your own sanity! I do not promote hunting for pleasure or hunting endangered species or inhumane methods, but really folks… gain some perspective! I would never date a vegan.

I would slide past all vegans if i were single. They will attempt to change you and throw hissy fits if you eat cake with eggs. Sara is dating a non vegan that her boyfriend turned vegan.

She is pleased deep down inside. Knowing Vegans are like that is a turn off. Most if not all are militant. From personal experience there are very few people like this. If Veganism is a moral choice, why do vegans date non-vegans? By Eva Lampert March 17, Like us on Facebook: This would clear up any issues early on: No Earthlings, but will commit to being vegan?

Watches Earthlings, we discuss, then wants to be vegan? Refuses to watch Earthlings, no vegan? Watches Earthlings, we discuss, but no vegan commitment? Maybe the third date but the first?! I would never, ever date a vegan. Total deal breaker for me. What About Zero Waste? Going vegan must be at the heart of any environmental discussion.


Discussion in ' Relationships ' started by Alexia , Mar 11, Log in or Sign up. Forums Forums Quick Links. Search titles only Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma.

Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Oct 25, Messages: I've been out on dates with meat eaters after 2 wonderful vegan boyfriends and I must say its not for me. I always thought dating a vegetarian could be a reasonable compromise, but so far no meat eater I've been out with was understanding or open minded enough to consider giving up flesh.

ParallelUniverse , Oct 25, Dec 2, Messages: I love reading all the comments here. My wife of three years has never eaten meat, but she enjoyed milk, eggs and cheese. I was vegetarian at home, but ate meat when out for a meal. In March this year, after reading How Not To Die, I gave up meat, eggs and dairy overnight, and have not once gone back on that decision.

My vegetarian wife oddly found the transition more difficult, mostly missing the cheese and milk chocolate. So I guess I am lucky in having a partner who has been both understanding when I ate meat at restaurants and equally understanding when I asked her to go completely plant-based. I guess if you're willing to date a non-vegan, but not willing to date a cannibal, or murderer, or child abuser, that must tell you how strongly you believe in each cause or how important each cause is.

Would you date someone who tortured animals? How about someone who ate the meat of animals obviously and always killed inhumanely by some factory? How about someone who ate the meat of animals mostly killed mostly humanely but occasionally inhumanely? How about someone who only ate the meat of animals always killed humanely? How about a vegetarian? How about someone, like me and my wife, who are plant-based eaters who still eat honey? My wife and I could easily remove honey from our diets.

But would you date someone who followed a vegan diet but did so purely for health reasons and cared nothing about the ethical reasons? Malcolm Johnson , Dec 3, Dec 11, Messages: My boyfriend isn't Vegan or Vegetarian, he eats meat and dairy, I'm ok with that.

We don't live together so maybe that's why it's not an issue. He eats completely vegan whenever we cook together and enjoys the food we make. We eat out at places where I can get vegan options, he is very supportive and respectful of my beliefs.

Same with my family, huge meat eaters but I am always catered for and they're supportive. I can't imagine alienating people who are important to me because of their food choices.

VeganBel , Dec 11, I am 51, my girlfriend - or should that be lady friend? She has spent her whole life being omnivorous. I've only been seeing her a month. She, not I, immediately decided that she would become a vegan.

I'm moving in with her soon. She is getting rid of her leather settee, her feather-filled pillows, and any other items that are animal orientated. She told me that she just couldn't offend my sensibilities by continuing to eat meat and consume dairy products. She ingested very little dairy produce anyway - being Italian, well, mozerella Now, however, she thinks differently.

I see a lot of people on here complaining that they haven't lost enough weight being a vegan - like it's just a diet. People that think being a vegan will help them lose weight, have better skin, silkier hair etc.

A fie 'pon 'em! I would still be a vegan if it made me fat and spotty and bald. I do it for the animals, not for my own selfish reasons. If my lady friend had not decided to join me in veganism, well, I think that I would have - over time - felt more and more uncomfortable with her. Paul Gammage , Dec 12, There are some really good points made in this thread and some interesting experiences. I think it's nice to meet someone who shares the same values as you, such as being a vegan.

That's similar perhaps to wanting to meet someone of the same faith; you know that you're going to share the same world view. However just to add a cautionary note, it's also nice to meet someone who doesn't lie, and isn't unfaithful; even though they may also be a vegan for all the right reasons! I write from personal experience, and what I learnt from that is that a persons diet and ethics is important, but it's just as important to meet someone that you can trust and feel relaxed around.

Vegandy , Dec 12, Dec 15, Messages: When I started dating my boyfriend two years ago, I wasn't a vegetarian yet. I ate meat frequently and so did he. I only became a vegetarian less than a year ago and I am working on transitioning to veganism. Being that it took me a long time to become a vegetarian, after thinking about it for years, I don't feel that I can expect my boyfriend to change his diet just because I have.

That fact that he eats meat bothers me to a degree but he is also really open to the idea of veganism. I've met a lot of people in my life who could not imagine themselves giving up meat.

That fact that my boyfriend isn't judgmental about veganism and is willing to try vegan products helps a lot. Of course in a perfect world he would be vegan but you can't force someone to change. I'm just grateful that he is extremely accepting and supportive of my choice to go vegan. Liz Echo , Dec 15, Jan 1, Messages: Oatter , Jan 1, I'm assuming that around my age everyone who wanted to go vegan already has and I don't feel like spying on him to find him gulping down cheap burgers while he's reportedly taking his dog for a walk and laughing at me behind my back with his friends about 'knocking up that stupid naive vegan' No, 'thanks'.

Vegandy , Jan 1, Oatter , Jan 2, Feb 5, Messages: I think that you answered your own question. If you are in good relationships with your spouse and both of you are understanding, then no one will force anyone to change their lifestyles. My ex-boyfriend also was an omnivore and we had 0 problems. We even cooked together. Always vegan meals, he would just thow some meat on the side pan and cook it for himself. Although I don't support it, I never complained about it and if he chooses do eat meat that is his deal and I shouldn't get in the way.

Supporting each others choices is the cornerstone of good relationships. Mariah , Feb 7, Oct 3, Messages: Feb 23, Messages: My boyfriend stopped eating meat because of my diet. I'm so proud of him! Kate , Feb 23, Dec 26, Messages: I am dating a girl who eats meat. When I brought up veganism she ignored it. Maybe she does not read books.

I am irritated by it, and would prefer a vegan girl. Mar 10, Messages: I would show them cowspiracy and some Gary Yourofsky videos and if they don't go vegan after that Find a partner with a heart Oct 20, Messages: Isle of Wight UK Ratings: Sally , Mar 22, Mar 16, Messages:


Dating a vegan isn't any more difficult than dating anyone else -- all it takes is an open mind, an open heart, and maybe a box or two of vegan condoms. Zoe Eisenberg is the co-author of The Lusty Vegan, a Cookbook and Dating Manifesto for Vegans, and the People Who Love Them. Nov 10,  · Dating a non-vegan/vegetarian. Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Alexia, Mar 11, Oct 05,  · So yes, I am happy every time when it works out and a vegan is dating a non-vegan and turns that person non-vegan by force of example, but you should keep .

Porter Nov 10,  · Dating a non-vegan/vegetarian. Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Alexia, Mar 11, Dating a vegan isn't any more difficult than dating anyone else -- all it takes is an open mind, an open heart, and maybe a box or two of vegan condoms. Zoe Eisenberg is the co-author of The Lusty Vegan, a Cookbook and Dating Manifesto for Vegans, and the People Who Love Them.