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She also played for multiple basketball teams outside of the United States. Bird was interested in sports from an early age, which was partly influenced by her athletic older sister. While only 11 years old, she played during halftime of a St. John's basketball game; her play was so impressive that a security guard asked for her autograph.

She played her freshman and sophomore years at Syosset High Schoolbut wanted more competition. Sue spent two seasons at Christ the King, and the Royals went 24—3 her Junior year. In the second season her team finished undefeated and won the New York state championship, and the national title. Bird was recruited by a number of teams, including Stanford and Vanderbilt.

She considered UConn the favorite, but she began to waver when Keirsten Walters and Brianne Stepherson, both point guards, announced commitments to UConn. She worried that there might not be room for her to play. However, Stepherson changed her mind, and decided to go to Boston Collegemaking the decision a bit easier, so Bird committed to UConn. The Huskies went 32—3 in her junior season. That was the last loss of Bird's college career, as the Huskies went an undefeated 39—0 in her senior season.

During her junior year, Bird played in a game against Notre Dame referred to as "the best women's basketball game ever played". The game was memorialized in a book, Bird at the Buzzerin which Bird took the eponymous shot at the buzzer dating coach ottawa win the game. She finished her UConn career on many of the record lists.

She currently ranks No. Bird was the inaugural winner of the Nancy Lieberman Award ingiven to the top point guard in the nation, and won the award in and Bird was a member of the inaugural class of inductees to the University of Connecticut women's basketball "Huskies of Honor" recognition program.

In her rookie season, Bird started all 32 games for the Storm and averaged During her first year in the league, Bird scored a career-high 33 points in a regular season game against the Portland Fire. Since her rookie season she has been selected to the Western Conference All Star team. En route to the Storm's second championship, Bird had one of the most clutch moments in WNBA Playoff history; during the Conference Finals against the championship-defending Phoenix Mercury with the Storm up in the series, Bird coptic orthodox dating a game winning three-pointer with two seconds left in Game 2 to put the Storm upafter erasing a point deficit to advance to the WNBA Finals.

Bird was still able to play 29 games during the regular season and in the playoffs. In the off-season, Bird had knee surgery which would prevent her from playing the entire season. Bird would come cat osterman dating healthy for the WNBA season, she played 33 games, averaged She was voted as a WNBA all-star that year.

However the Storm never made it to the playoffs. On February 16,Bird re-signed with the Storm to a multi-year deal in free agency. In the season, Bird would have a resurgence, putting up her best numbers since coming back from knee surgery. Prior to the season, the Storm selected Breanna Stewart first overall in the WNBA drafttheir second number one overall pick in a row after drafting Jewell Loyd the year before. With the addition of Stewart and Loyd quickly developing into a star player, the Storm made it back to the playoffs for the first time in 3 years with a record.

With the WNBA's new playoff format in effect, the Storm were the number 7 seed in the league and faced the Atlanta Dream in the first round, losing the single elimination game In Aprilit was announced by the Storm that Bird had undergone left knee surgery earlier in the month, which caused her to miss training camp. She was ruled out indefinitely. She had set the All-Star Game record for assists with a perforamce of 8 points along with 11 assists for the Western Conference All-Stars team in a victory.

Bird would finish off the season, averaging a career-high in assists per game as the Storm finished cat osterman dating the 8th seed in the league. The Storm would lose to the Phoenix Mercury in the first round elimination game, cat osterman dating. In the —06 WNBA off-season, she played on the same team, reaching the Russian championship and the Euroleague women's playoffs, cat osterman dating. Bird would keep playing with team for the next four WNBA off-seasons. Bird started all four games, and led the team with 17 assists, helping lead the team to the gold medal.

InBird was named to the national team which competed in the World Championships in ZhangjiagangChangzhou and NanjingChina.

The team was coached by Van Chancellor. The USA team won all nine games, including a close title game against Russia, which was a one-point game late in the game. The USA team won eight of the nine games they played, but fell against Russia 75—68 in the medal round, so ended up with the bronze medal. Bird led the team with 41 assists. In the summer ofshe was invited back to be on the Olympic basketball team.

The team won the gold medal in Beijing, China. Bird started all eight games, and led the team in steals, with The team was coached by Geno Auriemma. Because many team members were still playing in the WNBA until just prior to who is skandar keynes dating event, the team had only one day of practice with the entire team before leaving for Ostrava and Karlovy VaryCzech Republic.

Even with limited practice, the team managed to win its first games against Greece by 26 points. The team continued to dominate with victory margins exceeding 20 points in the first five games.

The USA won its next two games by over 30 points, then faced the host team, the Czech Republic, in the championship game. The USA team had only a five-point lead at halftime, which was cut to three points, but the Czechs never got closer. Team USA went on to win the championship and gold medal. Bird competed for the U. The Americans won their fifth straight gold medal. Bird competed for Team USA in the Summer Olympicshelping the team win their sixth straight gold medal, as they beat Spain in the gold medal game.

Bird would also earn her fourth olympic gold medal. Bird came out as openly lesbian on July 20,saying that she had been dating soccer player Megan Rapinoe for several months. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sue Bird Bird in Basketball portal Women's sport portal Seattle portal Biography portal. Women's Basketball Coaches Association. Retrieved 30 Jun Retrieved April 4, From Russia With Love 4".

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Women's National Basketball Association's top 15 team. WNBA first overall draft picks. WNBA season assists leaders.


With the increases in on-line shopping, this approach at serial parcel bombs is much more consequential than years past. Two explosions in Austin Texas today as parcel bombs were left on the doorsteps of the victims. One teenager was killed, two women seriously injured. The police chief said at a later news conference Monday that the department started receiving multiple calls at A year-old Hispanic woman, Manley said, also opened a package that she found outside her home, which detonated.

Federal law enforcement officials told Fox News the packages are made to look like mail, but at least the first one did not actually get shipped from the postal service. Manley said she had non-life-threatening injuries. Like Liked by 17 people. Like Liked by 32 people. Like Liked by 2 people. Like Liked by 8 people. Like Liked by 4 people.

We need to do our jobs. Like Liked by 5 people. Like Liked by 7 people. Spot on you are wolfmoon, first thing I thought when I saw the werld nut daily click bait on this stuff going on in the bane of Texas, Austin. My home state is slowly circling the bowl like most of the rest of the nation in many ways… I sure do hope many of us are doing more than commenting these days, because we need to be humans doing at this point.

Like Liked by 3 people. No hate speech, no censorship. The racist KHAN can burn in hell. And decontaminate whatever he touches with his anti-free-speech BS. Like Liked by 6 people. They just need us to catch up. Our job — educate each other. Internet bill of rights. Wolf, rare many will talk about TickTock, located in the jolly City of London not part of London, the financial district and the location of many ancient Roman sites.

The depths of TrickyStock run worldwide. All with their hidden hand driving it, controlling them with moderators, and oh yes gathering lots of data, and making profiles. You have to have advanced full shields up on your computer. You have no idea what that and many of Stock of Travis ties web sites are and do. Thanks for the tips!!!

Still, kinda curious who that is. The absence of public information on Tavistock seems to fit that pattern. They are definitely trying to hide their tentacles. This is the elite of elite. I was ha cked severely aftger posting to you about this site last night. Over and out, good luck, happy hunting. Like Liked by 1 person. No need to bring in Elvis or the UFOs. Recommend not going anywhere near the place referred to.

Those are the typical profiles which match with parcel bombers. Put on your stoutest shoes and kick that parcel right off the porch. If booby trapped it will explode away from you.

Better still use a long rash and give an almighty push. Like Liked by 12 people. Antifa has a very ugly public presence in Austin. My daughters have encouraged me to move from Dallas to the lakes in Austin. Come on to East Texas instead of west, missilemom. We have lots of lakes and are lots more conservative out this way. Like Liked by 9 people. As a Louisiana native, the redneck riviera of the Panhandle in Florida has been my summer solace for 20 years.

Both my girls are on the east coast. I will be going east. Would love to be in Texarkana on Wright Patman, or speed fishing the banks and bumps of Lake Fork about now…. My first knee jerk ridiculous thought was the steps too, but I think deep down it is actually the house itself….

Not to mention a any stakeouts or rigging of the front steps. You know why Austin is now a lefty run City? Because of the high tech industry. The Industry is full of Socialists. They are like the Arts Industry. It simply goes with the Industry. They are all either brain washed, or their brain settles into the lower part of their body from all the sitting they do. Hence no common sense.

Fair warning for any city being considered by one of these companies for expansion. It is just as bad as living in a university town. I know Bezos owns it now, but grocery stores are the new millennial dating sites. The left is becoming dangerously insane. Best to get it over with now, waiting will just make it worse. Waiting has already made it worse.

Much worse… the nation is infected with fake liberal fascism and insanity. Get home turn CNN on Wife had a liberal friend over fake tapper bombings look racially motivated 2 african americans and a hispanic have been targeted the police havent ruled out anything. Another article mentioned a Black man died in a similar circumstances. The police are not sure if he is a victim or may have been a participant. The other article indicated the police are treating him as a murder victim right now.

People get packages delivered to their doorsteps all the time now. What do we do? Call the Bomb Squad for all these packages? Hidden cameras to capture the pics of the parcel leavers.

Then a mighty drop kick of the parcel down the stairs. Alternatively if the parcel leaver looks suspicious call the cops. Aside from fresh fruits and vegetables, I do practically all my shopping online now. I never buy online.

If I find a package on our porch, I ask if she was expecting something and the company she ordered it from. Like Liked by 30 people. UPS and FedEx all send emails immediately when they scan a package off their truck and put it on your porch or steps.

It is important to know what deliveries are coming from what store and approximately what day you expect delivery to occur, and tell anyone else in the household to be on the lookout.

My wife and I have been working this way for years without any problems. All legitimate deliveries have certain labels and markings that are quite difficult to fake. The USPS has the list of everything being delivered to you on their website you must login and you can set up alerts to be automatically sent to you.

If you get an envelope or package that was not on the website then be careful. GB I order a lot online. Additionally, sometimes packages are placed upside down with label hidden. I live in the Mid Atlantic area so maybe e our delivery services have a better system going, but I only know my experience.

Perhaps it would be worth your time to inquire at both local delivery terminals from where your hoke deliveries are dispatched and ask about the notification times.

Inj our case that almost always results in a delivery notification email arriving on my smartphone within 15 minutes because I set my phone to pull email down from the server every 15 minutes. Any time you order on line or through Fedex, try to find the option of notification for the entire process of tracking. And your recipient if sending. Hit the comment box and specifically request that all packages be placed label side up and that you are notified by text if they will when delivery is made.

Local FedEx will do that for me….


BibMe Free Bibliography & Citation Maker - MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard. This page displays radios for sale at Ben Martin's Radio Library. With the increases in on-line shopping, this approach at serial parcel bombs is much more consequential than years past. Two explosions in Austin Texas today as parcel bombs were left on the doorsteps of the victims. One teenager was killed, two women seriously injured. TEXAS – A teenager was.

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